Attorneys Handling Serious Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury requires extensive, lifelong medical care. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, you will want a personal injury attorney who will seek all avenues of compensation. Our lawyers at the Coral Springs, Florida, office of Heller & Heller, P.A., are here to help.

Spinal cord injuries can range from quadriplegia and paraplegia to a broken neck with a severe decrease in range of motion. All are serious and change the physical capabilities of the victim. All victims require as much compensation as possible.

We Understand Insurance Policies

A cap on a policy means there is a limit to what they will pay. A car insurance policy with a $300,000 cap, for example, will not come close to covering the extraordinary lifetime expenses of a person living with permanent paralysis. Our lawyers have the experience and capabilities to seek out all liable parties in order to maximize compensation.

We Think Ahead to Address Lifelong Challenges

We bring in expert help to assess and explain the long-term damages faced by spinal cord injury and other serious injury victims. This includes doctors, physical therapists, occupational rehabilitation experts, economists and life care planners. They will then build a strong and persuasive case that clearly demonstrates the full impact of these devastating injuries.

We know how to address today’s and tomorrow’s concerns for those who suffered permanent or partial paralysis as a result of:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Construction accidents
  • Playground and pool accidents

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