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Paternity establishes a number of important legal rights and obligations for both fathers and their children. Regardless of who is listed on a birth certificate, paternity confers the following rights on fathers:

  • The right to challenge or stop the adoption of your child
  • The right to establish visitation with your child
  • The right to seek custody of your child

Paternity also confers the following rights on children, subject to certain conditions and requirements stated within the law:

  • The right to child support from their biological father
  • The right to medical coverage under their father’s plan
  • The right to a father’s Social Security death and disability benefits
  • Inheritance rights

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What’s Involved In Determining Paternity?

The court will order a DNA-genetic test in order to determine the paternity of a child. Typically, a blood sample is collected or a cotton swab of the inside of the mouth is provided. Once the court orders a test, the mother, the father, and the child must comply and provide a sample of their DNA for testing. After the lab analysis is finished, the results are made known and officially recognized by the court.

Child Support And Paternity

While a paternity suit can confer certain rights on fathers, it also confers certain legal and financial obligations as well. Our attorneys also represent mothers interested in collecting child support from the father of their son or daughter in cases where a father refuses to acknowledge his children.

However, it is important to note that in cases where the name of a nonbiological father appears on a birth certificate or where a woman has married and lived with the nonbiological father of her children for several years, the court is unlikely to force the biological father to pay child support. If you’re not sure whether you have a case, our attorneys can explain what the court looks at and what you can expect given the specifics of your situation.

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